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Due to men’s generally higher rates of apostasy, it makes sense that the modern LDS church, like most religions, would have slightly more women than men.

The Utah LDS church was in fact 52 percent female as recently as 1990.

Mormons are more strict in most areas from all other religious denominations in America. Considering other activities—such as sending a flirtatious message to a non-partner, going to a strip club without the committed partner, or watching pornography without the committed partner—about two-thirds of Mormons say these activities are cheating.

A popular saying in the field of archaeology is that no evidence of existence is not evidence of non-existence.The poll showed that about three-quarters of Americans believe that having sex or kissing someone who is not your partner would be considered cheating.However, regarding the use of technology to remain in contact with someone who is not your committed partner brings about a less affirmative answer.The immigrants: One group, the Nephites, kept the Law of Moses.The other group, the Lamanites abandoned the beliefs of the Israelites.

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